A warm welcome to Sarah Jane’s therapy. So writing about yourself is a little tricky but I shall give it a go. I thought rather than going on about where I’ve come from, which is part of me, I rather wanted to let you know where I’m at right now!

Anything to do with how our body can be supported in healing itself really interests me and I feel like I’m on a long path to finding out so much more. I love helping clients get back in touch with their own health, empowering them to reconnect with their body is a privilege, it is fantastic and of course, highly beneficial for them!

I have spent three years training to become a Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner and here is where my passion lies. The Craniosacral contact and holding a safe reflective space for someone to reconnect to their own health is a wonder and I feel honoured to be able to witness such remarkable changes for my clients.

The more we reconnect to our physical self the more we are able to understand and feel where our health has got a little stuck. We may be patterned by some sort of trauma or life experience and we hold this in our body. Once we feel safe we can allow deep profound changes to happen. Witnessing the body’s own intuition to reconnect and express its’ life history, slowly, gently and in its’ own time, is simply amazing.

I believe we never lose our health, just sometimes the expression of it and our sense of how we actually feel can get a little lost. Cranio helps with our busy daily lives and our stresses, physical ailments and disease. All this is important and should be acknowledged, but we should not let it define us, we still can allow the wisdom of our bodies to shine through.

I have many years of experience both with horses (please check out MyBalancedEquine) and with people, using my skills to help you find balance and health. Before studying Cranio I became a Reiki practitioner. Reiki is also about finding balance through the chakras.

I also love to use the balance procedure to keep me focused and continue on my journey of learning and empowering others to reconnect with our amazing bodies. I use all my techniques to bring balance for my clients (equine and human) so we can all have healthy, balanced, connected relationships with ourselves and one another.

How did I get in to holistic therapies?

I have first-hand experience of having my life style changed  having suffered acute back pain following injury to a lumbar vertebrae. I went to my doctors and got my back scanned and was eventually put in for surgery.

For me this was the start of listening to my gut feeling. I decided to try an alternative approach before going for surgery. (I am not suggesting that this will be everyone’s route but for me it felt the right thing to do).  I found a fantastic traditional acupuncturist who helped me get hold of my pain and discomfort.

I learnt Reiki first of all to self-heal and again help with my pain management. Once I was up and about again, (slowly and with restricted movement), I got back to work with horses on a yard doing some light duties to start with.

I happened to be around when a therapist came to the yard to look at a horse and I watched this amazing craniosacral therapy unfold the horse in many different ways. I was hooked by how the horse responded and changed under this gentle contact. I have been pain free now for a number of years and so postponed surgery.

As part of my training I too have continuous cranio sessions where I have been able to reconnect with health and ease my back pain. I have experienced first-hand how trauma from car accidents and falls off horses have been stored in my body. When I am listened to with the cranio contact I feel safe and I’m held in a manner where my body is able to reconnect to health and release the traumas held in my tissues. I love how our body can express so much vitality when heard in the right way, allowing the inner health to come back to the surface and express itself.

Horses play a huge part in my life. They have taught me so much about myself, the strength in nature and the possibilities that are around us, if we are ready to hear them.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you reconnect to your health and supporting you on your journey.