Our bodies are amazing give them the right conditions and changes can happen.

A Recent Session with  Craniosacral Therapy

Allowing your body to be held with a light therapeutic contact the safe non-judgmental environment helps us to reconnect us to our own health. This helps us attain inner wellness, strength, balance and settled state so we are in a better place to focus our energies on our day-to-day challenges.

Here are some quotes that I feel affirms how our bodies can self-heal.

“The human body is a self regulating organism meaning, it’s programmed to heal itself.” (anonymous)

“The body is a remarkable mechanism of mystery, and capable of untold feats of self preservation and healing.” ( J. Upledger)


My Personal Experience

Who does the healing any how??

We all suffer with the stresses of life sometimes without realizing it!

So, with Christmas out the way and well into the new year life is good. Being kind to myself I had already planned a date in my diary for my next cranio session with my wonderful colleague Jan whom I trained with.

I’ve been feeling well in myself but a little fed up with the doom and gloom of the dull weather. Apart from that I was feeling just fine.

Great I’m so looking forward to Jan making contact.

I got comfy on the table and my session started. I gently began to settle and deepen into the table. Jan allowed me plenty of time for my body, mind and system to calm and slow down. I noticed that my lower back felt very tingly almost a dull electric sensation, my left leg kept jumping all over the place, quieting down and then a kick from nowhere!!

Jan’s contact reassured me and my nervous system, it was ok to express itself, allowing time for my system to slowly settle. The gentle contact on my sacrum and lumbers relaxed my body and mind.

 I deepened and things started to happen…

As the session continued Jan moved position by gently placing her hands on my head. This is where I started to become aware of a dull pounding in my head like someone was playing heavy base but really quiet. At this point my relaxation deepened. My body feeling warm and heavy on the table with an occasional sensation down my left leg rather than it jumping. My breathing became effortless and my mind really became quiet and still. I was very much aware of sensations within my body and the presence of Jan’s delicate inviting curious contact on and under my head. It seemed like I was there for hours. I noticed how quietness somehow was filling the room. The stillness and lightness in my body like someone had switched a light on, but on the inside. My mind empty and calm now, not like when I first got on the table with all the chatter chatter in my mind and thoughts going on in my head. ( I hadn’t realised quite how busy my thoughts were) My body felt weightless and at ease restful and safe in the hands of Jan. The session came to a gentle end and I awoke from the deep relaxation my mind and body had found.

The next day

I was going about my normal daily routine I realised my head was so so clear, no more pounding!

I came to the realisation that the noise I had experienced on the table had been happening for a while now. I can’t really say when it had started but now it was gone. I dropped a message to Jan to thank her for the session and how wonderful she is…her beautiful reply was ” thanks…. but


I smiled ….

I guess I’m saying we all need to take care of ourselves!

Our body is amazing at compensating and finding a different way of functioning when stuff goes on. For me cranio is that natural safe held space where our body can truly express what it needs. This is so the body and mind gets the chance to re-orientate itself back to internal wisdom and wholeness. Finding balance from the inside is invariably  forgotten but essential to living a healthy balanced life in our busy and stressful world these days.

I will always be grateful for cranio coming into my life as a recipient of craniosacral therapy and practitioner.





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