Doreen johnson

I had severe pain in lower and middle back due to crumbling vertebrates from old age. Pain restricted comfort and ability to breath, and required assistance with daily tasks to reduce movement

Now I no longer experience severe pain, can breathe more easily, mentally more positive, and reduced reliance on others for mobility as carer visits now reduced from daily to once every two weeks.

Carol Edwards

I was experiencing a lot of pain in my shoulder and neck and my niece recommended Sarah Jane.

I contacted Sarah Jane and she came to my home to see me. I have never before had cranio treatment but it has been a healing process. It is very relaxing and pain free. I have found it helps my whole well being not only for problem with shoulder and neck. The effect can last days sometimes a week or more. I cannot recommend Sarah Jane highly enough. Carol Edwards

Picolien Kingsley

Son was having some temper tantrums, daughter was very shy and never said a word to strangers, and I was having trouble sleeping.

I took my son and daughter for a treatment with Sarah Jane, and enjoyed one myself! The results were fantastic! We have just relocated to the Uk from Africa, and we’re so pleased that Sarah Jane was one of our first stops. My son had a remarkable reaction during the treatment and has been so relaxed and happy since! He’s nearly two, and was definitely feeling the effects of some stress. Well no more! My daughter has really come out of her shell, and I’ve been sleeping through the night! We’re so thankful to Sarah Jane. A wonderful experience and we’re so grateful for her help in our crossover to a new chapter of life!

Helen Stowell

I was holding onto tension

She's able to clear the emotional & physical blockages in my body- often in my jaw & face but sometimes torso too. I'll go into to the session tight & taut & come out happy & relaxed. Amazing stuff.

Natalie Cook

Sarah came out to my horse a while ago and i was impressed with the results, i knew she treated people too and i was lucky enough to win some sessions with sarah. I didnt know what to expect but she put me at ease and i felt relaxed, sarah has magic hands that could unlock stress/ tension and release from where ever the focus was almost like a magnet pulling it out of your body, i will definitely be back as my back needs more work,

I feel way more relaxed, calm and positive thank you for your help and being so welcoming with my little girl too who also enjoyed the sessions

lisa holden

Problem with my leg feeling very heavy and almost no sensitivity at all

The therapy has helped incredibly well. It now feels exactly the same as my other leg and the results have lasted

Paula Cox

I had pain in right shoulder which restricted movement and severe pain in lower back. Stiffness in muscles.

My shoulder has completely freed up, no more pain or restriction in my shoulder. My back has no pain or stiffness anymore. My muscles are not stiff anymore and feel a lot more relaxed. I don't have re-occurring pains. I feel a lot more positive for having the treatment, my body feels light and flexible again.

Janet Ball

I was experiencing some emotional problems in respect of the death of a relative.

Cranio Sacral Therapy helped me to begin grieving and release the grief. This enabled me start healing emotionally.

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